Introducing myself

Behind ‘Growing Miracles’ is me, Roxanne.  I am of English and Greek origin but I was born and raised in Belgium.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been passionate about young children. Whenever I had the opportunity to take care of them it was with pure delight.

This led me to my degree course ‘Early Childhood Studies’ at Plymouth University in England while gaining practical experience. I pursued my vocation by working for 12 years in different childcare sectors (private, public, and international) mainly looking after small children (0-3 years old) . This allowed me to develop my open-mindedness towards the various pedagogies of childhood.

In 2017 I faced a personal turning point which allowed me to question my path of life. I took a step back from my work and thought more deeply about where and how I wanted to apply my experience in early childhood development. 



Through my own journey of self-discovery and the various pedagogical avenues I explored, I decided to put my focus on working more directly with parents - to help support their transition to parenthood, develop effective energy management techniques, and unlock new connections with their children in the critical early years. Also, through my own explorations of music and storytelling in nurseries, I can provide moments of complicity for parents and their children through music and story time sessions.

My varied experience gave me the confidence to believe I could make a major contribution to the happiness and wellbeing of parents with young children by accompanying and coaching them, providing them with the elements in hand for a serene and fulfilling family life.

This is how I created ‘Growing Miracles’ which represents the miracle of life - of parents, of children and the family which are all part of the constantly growing and evolving miracle of life.



  • BA in Early Childhood Studies - University of Plymouth, United Kingdom

  • Understanding, diagnosing and preventing parental burnout - Training institute for parental burnout, Belgium

  • Decoding a child's emotions - L'Albatross asbl, Belgium

Image by Kimberly Farmer