Parent coaching

As wonderful as it is, becoming a parent is a life stage in which habits can be overturned. It requires adapting to new situations all the time and therefore constantly learning.


Parents may find it difficult to cope and may feel overwhelmed by the flood of information we read about parenting and childhood.

Parent coaching allows parents to talk about their experiences, to feel listened to and not judged; to be respected in their parental convictions while having the possibility, if they wish, to get advice and equip themselves with tools which allow them to live a more serene family life.

Throughout a session:


  1. I listen to the difficulties or queries you are encountering in your parenting and what you would like to put in place to feel more fulfilled.

  2. I then help you see things through your child’s eyes and provide you with a more holistic understanding of your child’s developmental stage.

  3. We discuss possible tools that will allow you to deal with the difficulties discussed.

After this, we see if further sessions are needed or not. In general 2 to 3 sessions are recommended.


Duration: 1h30 for the first session and then 1 hour for the following sessions if more are needed.

Price: 60€

Location: The coaching session takes place either at your home (in Wallonia and Brussels) or via skype according to your preferences.

You can book an appointment by phone at 0476/69.23.94 or here.

Roxanne was able to help us with our child's sleeping difficulties, by proposing effective but caring solutions that respected our family's needs.


Thanks to Roxanne, we were able to find ways to help our infant daughter through her sleep issues.  After listening to our description of the situation, she proposed gentle solutions tailored to our needs and values. Within a couple of weeks our daughter was sleeping better.”