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A smoother first ever day of school...

Is your little one about to start school for the very first time?

This can be a stressful period both for you and for him/her.

For you, you might have a thousand questions and uncertainties spinning in your head....


Will the teacher be nice?

Will my child make friends easily?

Will she/he cry?

Will she/he have learning difficulties?

Your child might be thinking...

I won't know anyone.

A big change is going to happen and I'm scared.

Will I make friends?

Here is a little advice to make the transition smoother...

Parent and child talking

1. Talk to him/her a little about school before they start but not too much. By talking too much, although we mean well to reassure them, it can make them feel more stressed because they understand something big is going to happen.

2. It is often you as a parent who is more stressed than your child towards new situations. Try camouflaging your stress so that your child does not absorb it.

One day at a time

There are a lot of unknowns but take one day at a time to see how things go for your little one at school rather than letting your mind create all sorts of possible scenarios.

3. Provide little suprises in his/her school bag (ex: little notes with drawings; a photo of you with him/her; an object that reminds him/her of you; a homemade pastry or a small chocolate...); a toy from home that he/she likes...

Child surprised

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