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Creating a "reasonable" Christmas list

Nowadays, more and more parents want to be less materialistic or don't have the budget to buy a lot of gifts. In addition, studies show that having a lot of material possessions makes us appreciate them less, making us less happy. This is the case when children have too many toys. So here are some ideas on how to go about making the famous list for Father Christmas without causing frustration for both you and your child.

1. By cutting out a maximum of 10 pictures from toy magazines

Yes it's nice to want to involve children in their choice of gifts, but sometimes when they look in the magazines, it's very hard for them to make a choice. You can therefore suggest that they make a first choice of 10 things and then ask them which 2 or 3 they would like the most, explaining that Santa has a lot of children to give presents too so he can’t offer them every present they desire.

If your child(ren) ask why their friends may have certain types of toys and they don't, explain that their friends' parents make decisions that are appropriate for their families and that you make decisions that are appropriate for your family.

2. The methods of 4 varieties of gifts

These methods consist of limiting gifts (for financial reasons or to be less materialistic) by offering 4 varieties of gifts. You can ask your child/children to give you 1-2 gift ideas per category.

Method 1 :

- A toy

- A need - school supplies / sports equipment...

- A clothes item

- A book

Method 2 :

- A toy

- A book

- A "moment together" gift - e.g. a trip to the zoo; a walk; a visit to the farm. You can present this in the form of a voucher on Christmas day.

- A gift to give - something they can give to others in need (games they no longer play with to give to children in need or in institutions or hospitals; cards or drawings for senior citizens in nursing homes; food donations for the homeless; animal food for shelters.

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