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Postnatal support

Do you need someone to help you out a little during the day during maternity leave?


Do you want a few moments to yourself without having to worry about your baby?

Becoming a mother is not easy. During the first few months, you feel overwhelmed and exhausted as you try to recover from the birth, while taking care of your little one 24 hours a day.


Lack of sleep, breastfeeding, hormonal imbalances, all the novelties, the accumulation of tasks...take all your energy! All this impacts you physically, mentally and emotionally.

The days can be particularly difficult when you find yourself alone with your baby without anyone to relieve you a bit.

Hence I offer postnatal support:

  • To allow you to take some time for yourself (a nice bath, resting...) while I look after your baby.

  • To provide you with childcare tools

  • To provide a listening ear and support you in your maternity experience.

  • To help you with some daily tasks (doing laundry, preparing a meal...)


Mother and newborn

Duration: 2 hours or more

Price: 65€ for 2 hours


Package 1 - 4 visits of 2 hours: 60€/visit 

Package 2 - 8 visits of 2 hours: 55€/visit

Locations I offer this service in:

Wallonia and Brussels


You can book an appointment by phone at 0476/69.23.94 or here.

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